Clinical Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists apply a broad range of skills and experience including expert assessment, clinical reasoning, and applied understanding of exercise and rehabilitation.

Sports Physiotherapy

Heyday Health are here to help you with the diagnosis and treatment of sporting injuries.

Our physiotherapists apply a broad range of skills and experience from years of supporting teams and individuals – from the elite athlete to the ‘weekend warrior’ – from injury prevention to returning to your sport – we will help you to be your best.

What causes an injury?
Injuries occur when the forces on a body tissue are greater than the tissue can withstand. Injuries can occur suddenly as a consequence of a single exposure to a high force or gradually, as a consequence of repeated or long duration exposure to lower levels of force. Injuries can also result from a combination of these mechanisms, where a tissue which has been weakened by cumulative damage may be vulnerable to sudden injury by lower forces.

Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain is one of the most common reasons for seeking health care. The pain may be sharp or aching. It may be aggravated by postures such as prolonged sitting or movement such as bending or twisting.

Physiotherapy plays an important role in managing acute back pain and preventing long-term disability.

It is important to start with a good understanding of the problem. At the initial consultation, we will ask about your pain and take a history as well as carry out a physical examination.

It is important to exclude any potentially serious pathology, which is very rare, and identify whether there is any nerve deficit such as ‘pins and needles’ or weakness of muscles.

For most people with back pain, management consists of suitable pain management if needed, reassurance to keep active, and advice about modification of lifestyle factors. Passive treatment such as massage or joint mobilisation may be used to relieve pain and help patients get moving. Active self-management is emphasized throughout. This will include the provision of a home program of movement or exercise therapy. Most people with back pain will require minimal intervention and have a good prognosis.

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