What is a
Care team?

At Heyday Health, we know that navigating healthcare can be challenging. That’s why every patient has their very own, three-person care team of a physician, a nurse practitioner, and a Health Ally. Together, these providers support patients throughout their entire care journey with Heyday Health.

Who is on your care team?

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    Every Heyday Health patient has a dedicated physician leading their care team. Our doctors are experts in caring for adults on Medicare and are passionate about helping all their patients live their healthiest lives.

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    Nurse Practitioner

    Nurse practitioners are at the center of Heyday Health’s care teams. They spend quality time getting to know every patient and their unique needs, and are accessible 24/7 for any questions or concerns.

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    Health Ally

    Health Allies make sure all Heyday patients are supported along their care journey. From scheduling prescription deliveries to setting up video calls, Health Allies advocate for patients every step of the way.

What is the care team

experience like?

Your care team coordinates to seamlessly deliver expert, responsive care.

Here’s an example:

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Contact us

Let’s say you just noticed a rash on your arm. You call your Health Ally and they help you send a photo of the rash through the patient portal.

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Schedule a

virtual visit

Your nurse practioner reviews your photos and schedules a virtual video visit in the patient portal. During your visit, they prescribe medication to help clear up your rash. After the visit, they send updates your PCP and your dermatologist.

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Your Health Ally arranges for the prescription to be delivered right to your door. You still haven't had to leave your home, get in the car, sit in the waiting room, or visit a pharmacy.

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Easy follow up and coordination

A week later your Health Ally calls to check in on your rash. You tell them it’s healing nicely and they confirm your annual visit next week. They also communicate with your PCP, to make sure they're in the loop about your progress.

Meet our care team:

“My goal for Heyday Health is to make our patients feel like they have an entire clinical team that is part of their family and is looking out for their needs every day.”

Nupur Mehta, MD

"Many times, I have heard seniors confess they feel like a burden to their families and to the healthcare system. My goal as a nurse practitioner is to provide care that helps seniors live their best life as independently as possible.”

Rachel Singer, NP

"Being born and raised in Youngstown, as well as working with the aging population for over eight years, I see the need for better and more personal care in my community"

Madison Olesh, Health Ally

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